James “Jimmy” Hodson, a dedicated candidate for City Council in Winston Salem’s Northwest Ward, champions a resolute three-fold mission: to catalyze economic growth and employment opportunities, be the steadfast voice of our citizens, and ensure the protection of people and businesses. In harmony with the mayor and fellow council members, Jimmy pledges to cultivate a flourishing local economy that embraces diversity while fortifying our community’s safety. This is not just a campaign promise; it’s a powerful call to support a leader who is unwavering in his commitment to the well-being and prosperity of Winston-Salem.

Hailing from Acworth, Georgia, Jimmy’s upbringing instilled in him a profound love for country and community. The son and grandson of Air Force veterans and with parents who led the local VFW, Jimmy was inspired to serve his country. His journey led him to the U.S. Army, where he served with distinction in a Lance Missile Battery for four years, bearing witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall during his service in Germany. This military experience exposed him to diverse cultures and reinforced the values of hard work and resilience.

In 1995, Jimmy moved to Winston-Salem, where he met the love of his life in the Northwest Ward. He and his wife, Rebecca, have since raised three daughters and are blessed with six grandchildren, making Winston-Salem their cherished home for three decades.

Before his current role, Jimmy dedicated 13 years to working in the Liberty Plaza building downtown, seeing the city’s transformation into a vibrant business center. Presently, he serves as a product manager at Noregon Systems, a software development company in Greensboro. Moreover, Jimmy has owned and operated Brainstorm Media since 1998, playing a pivotal role in aiding small businesses in their economic growth.

Grateful for the opportunities Winston-Salem has offered, Jimmy and Rebecca are committed to serving the less fortunate. Their dedication shines through in their leadership roles at Camp Hope, a day camp for under-resourced and foster children in Winston-Salem, and their active involvement in Thanksgiving and Christmas outreach programs supporting people experiencing homelessness. Jimmy has served on the board at United Family Church for over eight years and is deeply rooted in the community he serves.

Having witnessed the transformative power of hard work and determination, Jimmy Hodson remains steadfast in ensuring equal opportunities for every Winston-Salem family. Embarking on this inspirational journey, Jimmy brings a wealth of diverse experiences and an unwavering passion for the well-being of the community he proudly calls home.