Jimmy Hodson’s Vision for Winston-Salem

Ensuring Community Safety and Police Partnership

Jimmy Hodson’s foremost goal is the safety and security of our Winston-Salem citizens. He will support our police department, collaborating to reduce crime and maintain a secure environment for our families and businesses.

Economic Growth through Business Collaboration

Jimmy is fervent about fostering economic prosperity. He is dedicated to working hand in hand with both large and small local businesses, aiding them in expanding their operations, safeguarding their interests, and helping them to thrive within Winston-Salem’s vibrant economic landscape.

Listening and Responding to Your Needs

A hallmark of Jimmy Hodson’s leadership is his unwavering commitment to listening. He values your opinions and concerns and will be an engaged and responsive representative who genuinely hears and addresses your voices. Moreover, Jimmy believes that listening is the soil that grows innovation and ideas that can elevate our city and enhance the quality of life within our community. Your input isn’t just heard; it catalyzes positive change.